Some of Our Working Experiences


The list of Working Experiences

MCOMMSG: is a global leader in offering solutions for large assignments for Asia region. Mcom is official development partner for mcommsg and have taken full responsibility in implementing a Payment Gateway on Block Chain in Vietnam, A full-fledged national level Cloud from scratch in Cambodia. Mcom has also implemented mcommsg’s own product for big-data called m-connect. We are involved developing an EBS layer for collection of data from the e-commerce providers & use Data Science abilities to structure the data and pass it back to these e-commerce providers. Maintenance of the systems & Staff Resourcing is with Mcom.

BULL CORPORATION FRANCE: is a global leader in offering solutions for the Banking, Customs and Taxation using Smart Cards. Mcom has teamed up with Bull to enhance this solution and related integration required to government organizations & financial institutions across Europe and Asia.

GETRONICS MALAYSIA: is the regional office for Asian continent and is wholly owned by Getronics of Netherlands. Mcom has teamed with Getronics in offering the complete range of solutions to the largest Asian countries. Mcom is official IT assisting arm for Getronics Malaysia.

E-DRIVING SDN BHD: Mcom has successfully team up with eDriving in delivering a secure smart card-based system for learner driving schools In Johor, Penang, Ipoh and Negeri Sembilan

GOVERNMENT OF MALAYSIA: Mcom has completed & delivered amazing amount of Project for Govt of Malaysia. We name proudly a few would be; JKDM (Customs), JPJ (Transport Dept), MOF (Finance Ministry), Defence (Army, Navy & Airforce), JKR (Public Development Works) & Airports.

STUDENT IDENTITY AND ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM: Mcom has successfully integrated and delivered a comprehensive solution for Islamic schools/colleges/universities in Thailand, Malaysia & Brunei together with 2-P Technology.

BANKING CARD APPLET FOR OBERTHUR CARD SYSTEM: Mcom has successfully delivered banking, emv & ATM applet for Oberthur’s Java card. This applet is to be used for the banks ATM card in Malaysia and is in compliance with MEPS banking standards. Emv, ATM banking & Electron is now possible at the Lowest Price.

ERP/CRM/SCM IMPLEMENTATIONS & DEVELOPMENT: Mcom is involved into customized development of ERP, SCM & CRM projects, with full potential and capability to turn a complete life cycle development from scratch to various large-scale manufacturing plants, Dealers networks, Supplier chain, Large scale International Student intake System etc. Mcom has also successfully implemented full cycle turn key projects using SAP, JD Edwards, BAAN and Siebel.

PLC/SCADA/RTS: Mcom is the sole IT arm for Octagon Holdings Bhd to provide Systems & Software solutions to all the Manufacturing industries falling under Octagon. Most out of which were Real Time Systems for Rubber Moulding Industries, Tyre Manufacturing Industries, Chemical Plants, Oil & Gas, Electrical Power Generation facilities, etc.

MODULE MANUFACTURING: Mcom has its core expertise in providing consultancy from establishing to running a quality production for a Wafer/Module manufacturing plants around the globe, there by providing proper resources & expertise based on requirement and needs for each of the Wafer/Module manufacturing industry. Till date Mcom has provided outcome based services to NXP, Infineon and Samsung etc.

BIOMETRIC BASED SOLUTIONS: Mcom has newly entered in the field of Biometric & has proven that it is one of the strong competing solution providers to the nations for various applications like, National ID, Police Departments, Border Security Control, Biometric & DNA data matching, Data De-duplicating etc. Mcom has a long list of partnerships with larger organisations in this field that preferred offloading projects to Mcom for quality & timely executions.

MOBILE SOLUTIONS: Mcom has developed many applications with Celcom on a sub-contract basis. To name a few would be Cupid SMS application, Smart Phone Social Group chats, IRQ via mobile, Security Apps via mobile, SMS apps for Large International Universities, Student International Immigration Application Status system, SCADA messaging system, Smart phone-based Banking Applets, SIM Card OS and many more. All these applications use Cellular media and network for simple and smart phones.

ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS: Mcom provides CAD, CAM, CAE, CATIA based solution assistance to various industries. To name our few clients in this area would be, KK Incinerators Ltd (Korea), Advanced Pyrotech Bhd, DuraChem Bhd, Octagon Holdings Bhd (Malaysia). Mcom has strong working relations with these happy costumers till now.

ON-SITE STAFFING: Mcom has provided versatile resources to various clients like cMango, Cognizant, IBM, Dell, Felda, Petronas, Toyota, Oracle, Microsoft, Public Bank, TechM, Tata Technologies. Apart from this, Mcom also placed capable candidates to UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zeland, Fiji, France, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Dublin, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea & India for various requirements as per need basis.