Our Advantage


Our innovative approach of providing on-site, off-site and DualShore™ engagements is backed with a highly skilled pool of technology professionals, State-of-the-art communications and computing infrastructure, rigorous & flexible Project Management methodology and Quality Management processes. A few of our key differentiating features are:

DualShore Development

We offer a unique DualShore Development engagement model for managed software development that leverages the technology, the practices and accountability of the US, Europe, Asia etc. and the best professionals and massive scalability of the US/UK/Singapore/Malaysia/India to deliver a unique value proposition.

Best professionals

“Hiring, retaining and motivating the best” has always been our philosophy. Our team comprises proven best software engineers with deep industry experience. Our structured induction, practice school and continuing education program ensures that individuals meet customers' technical and non-technical skill needs.

Fully Managed Teams

We deploy fully managed teams with a single dedicated point of contact for the customer – the project leader. A typical MCOM HOLDINGS BERHAD project team consists of a Project Manager, Business Analyst(s), Solutions Architect(s), Information Architects, Tech-leads, and several software developers and QA engineers.


A principle feature of our engagements is empowerment. During the course of development, we work closely with designated personnel from the customer’s organization and work towards the objective of planned knowledge transfer. This empowers you to take ownership of the system once the development is over and fully benefit from the IP generated during the development.

Engineering Expertise

Our deep engineering expertise in our practice areas is our core competency. We have built an impressive knowledgebase through insights gained by executing a large number of projects to customers in the US, UK, Europe & Asia.

Established Practices

Our established practices ensure predictable results and high value addition. Our wDP™ Methodology is built to address some of the most significant areas in the application development lifecycle. Based on our own first-hand experiences in executing projects and concepts propounded by methodology Gurus, we have adopted a flexible and rigorous approach.