Our micropayment gateway provides the following functions:

~Serves to facilitate the process of payment between mobile users, merchants (or advertisers) and mobile network operators (or telecommunication companies);

~Tracks and monitors payment transactions;

~Generates corresponding statements to content owners for payment settlement; and

~Generate a report of the transactions to verify mobile network operators’ debit note statements for settlement.
Our micropayment gateway enables direct carrier billing, where mobile users (or end-users) are able to perform transactions using their mobile phone bill or prepaid credit. This is typically used by mobile users for in-app purchases or online products involving a small monetary value.
Micropayment gateway for direct carrier billing services

~Eliminates the need for content owners to source and negotiate terms with multiple payment gateway provider(s);

~To facilitate payment transactions between mobile users and payment gateway provider(s) for product/service purchased by content provider; and

~Tracks and monitors payment transactions as evidence that these payment transactions have been made.
Third-party payment gateways facilitate mobile payment transactions for purchases involving a higher monetary value than micropayments. Our third-party payment gateway provides the following functions:
Third-party payment gateway
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